Silver, Copper, and Zinc = No Stink

October 24, 2023

Malodorous No More

Tough workout? Don’t sweat it, with metals added to the equation. Metals like zinc, copper, and silver are known for their antimicrobial properties, which help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause unpleasant odors in clothing. 

Repel the Smell

When these metals are incorporated into clothing fibers or coatings, they can disrupt the growth and survival of microorganisms by interfering with their cellular processes. This inhibits the growth of bacteria that comes into contact with the fabric.

Did you know?

The largest producing zinc mine in the United States is Red Dog Mine near Kotzebue, Alaska? Red Dog is also the first mining site to receive the stand-alone Zinc Mark (2024) in recognition of environmentally and socially responsible production practices.

Tank the Stank

These metals can release ions (zinc ions, copper ions, silver ions) when in contact with moisture (sweat) or exposed to air. The ions kill germs, running interference so to speak, preventing their growth and survival on fabric.

Hecla Greens Creek Mine, near Juneau, Alaska, is the largest silver producing mine in the United States.

No Sweat

Incorporating metals such as silver, copper, and zinc into clothing materials or applying them as coatings helps maintain freshness and reduce unpleasant odors, making the garments more hygienic and comfortable, particularly during prolonged wear or physical activity. Antimicrobial-treated fabric can also extend the lifespan of clothing by reducing the need for frequent washing and associated wear and tear. 

Did you know that Alaska is home to some of the largest copper deposits in North America?