Alaska Metals advance the human experience.
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Alaska Metals are the building blocks for innovations that transform the human experience.

Through imagineering, mining is a catalyst for shaping a sustainable future.

Metals at Work

EVs and Mined Metals: Driving a New Career Frontier
The demand for Electric Vehicles is revving up and demand for lower emission vehicles are setting the stage for an anticipated expansion of occupations that can drive the design and development of EVs into the future.
Mining Powers Alaska’s Energy Transition
Renewable energy sources are already being used to light up Alaska communities and this shift is expected to accelerate in the coming years – made possible by mined metals and minerals.
Silver: Powering Vehicle Safety
Silver is second to none. With the highest electrical conductivity of any metal and excellent durability, silver is a critical component of modern vehicles. The metal may even be lifesaving in the milliseconds when speed and reliability matter most.
Did you know?
2 out of 3 Alaska metal mine workers are residents.
Did you know?
Demand for copper could double by 2040 due to global transitions to renewable energies.
Did you know?
50% of critical minerals needed to meet U.S. demand comes from abroad.

Idea Hub

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