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A greener, more sustainable future begins with materials mined in the United States. As the workforce of tomorrow, Gen Z offers technical expertise that can help drive innovations that make the world a better place. Rich Nolan, President and CEO of the National Mining Association, offers that collaboratively the mining industry and Gen Z are a perfect match.

Collaborating with local communities brings ideas, traditional knowledge, and opportunities forward. Learn more about the economic and other benefits of mining in Alaska.

Mined metals from Alaska are making the impossible possible. Explore below operations at Alaska's producing mines.

Red Dog Operations Awarded Zinc Mark

Red Dog Operations, one of the world’s largest zinc mines, has been awarded the Zinc Mark (2024) in recognition of environmentally and socially responsible production practices. The mine is located about 170 km north of the Arctic Circle in northwest Alaska, near Kotzebue, and is the first mining site to receive this distinction.

News Release - 08/18/2023
Mining Day at the Alaska State Fair Launches New Brand For Longtime Sponsor