Alaska stands at the forefront of a mining revolution.

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Recognized Global Standards

Alaska’s stringent regulations ensure that mining and environmental stewardship coexist. Monitored and enforced by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Game, and Environmental Conservation, as well as multiple federal agencies, our mining practices are globally recognized for setting benchmarks in responsible resource development.

  • Innovations and Sustainable Practices: Alaska's mining sector minimizes its environmental footprint through cutting-edge technology and advanced water treatment and recycling methods.
  • Local Benefits: The mining sector is pivotal to Alaska’s economy, with substantial investments in local businesses and significant royalty payments to Alaska Native Corporations.
  • Global Leadership: Alaska’s industry maintains high standards, contributing to and adopting best practices in sustainable mining.

Sustainability in Practices

Mining companies in Alaska are dedicated to minimizing impacts on land, water, and biodiversity. Initiatives include:

  • Zero hazardous material spills.
  • Efficient resource use.
  • Significant investments in environmental monitoring and rehabilitation.
Photo courtesy of Coeur Mining.

Notable Company Contributions:

  • NOVAGOLD and Donlin Gold have formal climate change and biodiversity policies that focus on conserving natural resources.
  • Coeur Mining emphasizes resource stewardship, aiming to go beyond waste management to resource preservation.
  • Hecla Mining Company recycles a substantial portion of its waste, including hazardous materials, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • In 2022, the Donlin Gold project recycled nearly all water used back to the environment.

Land Reclamation and Restoration

Alaska law mandates that mining sites be returned to a stable condition suitable for future use including restoring ecosystems and vegetation, stabilizing soil, and controlling erosion. Detailed reclamation plans must be approved before mining begins, and financial assurances are in place to ensure these plans are carried out effectively.

Photo courtesy of True North Reclamation.


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